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A golden time to scrap a car in Manchester

The move to electric cars is likely to make the coming years a golden time to scrap a car in Manchester.

Several major milestones lie ahead on the road to zero net carbon emissions from vehicles in the UK and from other parts of our lifestyle as a nation.

The government has doubled its investment in encouraging walking and cycling since 2010, and is now working on making its own fleet all-electric.

By 2022, a quarter of government-owned vehicles will be electric. Already the figure stands at 23% and by the end of the next decade in 2030, the aim is to fully electrify the government’s cars.

Privately owned vehicles are increasingly running on hybrid or all-electric engines too, and by 2040 the plan is to stop selling new cars that run solely on petrol or diesel.

Finally by 2050, the government aims to make the UK net carbon-neutral, not only in terms of transport but across the board.

Manchester leading the way

In Manchester the ambitions are even greater. The aim is to become a zero carbon city no later than 2038, a full 12 years ahead of the national target.

To achieve this, the Manchester Climate Change Agency has set out 12 actions that residents can take – one of which is to switch to an electric car when possible.

But of course that leaves the question of what to do with all the old combustion engine vehicles, and with over a million cars registered in Greater Manchester, that’s a lot of old cars to scrap in less than two decades.

At J Davidson Scrap we’re ready to rise to this challenge so that if you want to scrap a car in Manchester, you will always be able to do so.

We already offer a collection service, so if your car is not roadworthy, we can come and pick it up from anywhere in the North West – you don’t need to tow it or jumpstart it to get it to us.

Our Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) is among the first of its kind in the North West, and means when you scrap a car in Manchester, you have access to a safe and secure way to do so.

Eco-friendly car scrappage

The important thing as Greater Manchester transitions to electric vehicles is to scrap old cars in an eco-friendly way, so as not to undermine the environmental benefits of moving over to electric cars.

At our ATF we carefully break the vehicle down, first removing engine oil, leftover fuel and other fluids from the car so they cannot leak into the environment.

We then carefully dismantle it, retrieving all of the useful and recyclable materials so they can be processed and reused to make new cars or other items.

Cars are no longer simply crushed into cubes of mixed materials and left to pile up – it’s a much more closed-loop process that leaves far fewer pollutants behind.

As the city, region and country aim for ambitious environmental targets on car usage in the coming decades, J Davidson Scrap will be here to support our local communities every step of the way.

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