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From scrap cars to scrap trams, J Davidson do it all


If you follow our blog or our YouTube channel, you may have been surprised recently to see that instead of scrap cars, we were working on scrap trams from the Manchester Metrolink network.

The original Metrolink fleet dates back to 1992 when 26 T-68 trams hit the rails, with a further six T-68A models added in 1999 – all 32 vehicles had the original Metrolink colour scheme of grey and aquamarine.

But in 2009 the now-familiar yellow Metrolink trams were added to the network and proved much more reliable, leading to the retirement of the entire original fleet in 2014.

Transport for Greater Manchester have a corporate commitment to put sustainability at the heart of everything they do, so it was only natural that they called in the J Davidson Scrap team to recycle two scrap trams this month.

End of the line for Metrolink’s scrap trams

The two scrap trams reaching the end of the line for the final time included fleet number 1020, one of those original T-68 models, which you can see being demolished on our YouTube channel.

Metrolink trams end-of-service recycling is no mean feat – you can’t just drive them to the scrap yard, as they only run on rails.

So just like when we’re called out to non-runner scrap cars, the J Davidson Scrap team went to the vehicles, instead of bringing the vehicles to us.

In our YouTube videos you can see the 1020 being taken apart right there on the rails, making it easier and more environmentally friendly to take it away for recycling.

Why are scrap trams good for recycling?

Metrolink trams are relatively good for the environment throughout their service life – they emit no exhaust fumes and very little noise, and 70% of their electricity is sourced from green energy like wind and solar.

When it comes to recycling scrap trams, things are made easier by the fact that they don’t run on rubber tyres, but on steel wheels directly on the tram tracks.

That allows the wheels to be taken away for scrap metal recycling and turned into new steel products, helping scrap trams to be part of a closed-loop life cycle.

Who knows, they may even be recycled into a newer model of tram and return to a life on the rails.

From scrap trams to scrap cars

It’s a real honour to be asked by TfGM, K&M Global, Dobcross and Saddleworth to dismantle and remove these scrap trams and we look forward to the next time we’re asked to help with end-of-service Metrolink trams.

Of course we’re more often asked to recycle scrap cars in Manchester and surrounding areas, and we can collect them for free if they’re not in a roadworthy state.

To get a quick scrap car quote, just fill in our online form and we’ll give you our best price – or for enquiries relating to scrap trams and other unusual requests, give us a call and we’ll let you know if the J Davidson Scrap team can help.

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