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How far can your car take you this summer?

How far can your car take you this summer?

If you’ve got a clapped-out old banger rusting on your driveway, you’re probably not planning an epic road trip for the coming summer holidays – but you might be missing out on a trip to remember.

While it can cost a small fortune to get a worn-out car up and running again, there’s a lot of value locked away even in a vehicle that doesn’t work.

You don’t need it to run in order to sell it for scrap, as J Davidson Scrap can arrange to collect your car from your home or garage, your workplace, or even from the roadside if it has irreparably broken down.

We pay on collection of the vehicle, so you don’t need to wait for us to fully dispose of it before you get your money, and we aim to always offer the best quote in the region for the make, model and condition of your car.

On top of that, remember that you could stand to save in other ways too, including:

• Avoiding costly repair work.
• Refunds on unused months of road tax.
• Refunds on remaining months of car insurance.
• Avoiding paying a garage to remove your car from the roadside.

In the worst cases, if you leave a broken down car at the roadside without disposing of it for too long, you can even face a fine for obstructing a public road, so it’s smart to at least get a quotation as soon as possible if you’re in that situation.

What to do with scrap car money

The obvious option is to put your scrap car money towards getting a used car or placing a deposit on a brand new car bought on finance – and either of these could let you take that summer road trip after all.

If your old banger was not your main family car though, you might not need to replace it, so consider some of the alternatives instead.

Package holidays and direct flights are available at ridiculous prices, especially if you’re able to book last minute, and depending on your scrap car quote, you could find you are able to pay for a holiday, or at least cover the cost of some cheap flights to visit friends overseas.

Alternatively, if you already have your family summer holiday booked and paid for, your scrap car money could give your spending budget a boost while you are there, allowing you to eat out or enjoy a few extra activities and paid excursions.

Of course we’re not suggesting you scrap the family car to pay for a holiday – but if you have an old vehicle that you’d prefer to get rid of anyway, you might be surprised by how much you can get in return for it.

By going through J Davidson Scrap, you also get the peace of mind that it will be properly de-polluted and dismantled in accordance with the law, so that you receive the correct DVLA paperwork to discharge your duty of care over the vehicle as soon as it leaves your property.

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