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    Factory Clearance Made Easy with Our Scania R440

    Got a factory that needs clearing? We can help!

    If you need end-of-life machines, plant or heavy materials removed from your premises, we can help. Clearing your site or factory? We now offer a service to clear, collect, transport and then recycle any metals that you might need rid of.

    Factory relocation and clearance is a huge job. If you’re clearing or demolishing a large warehouse, factory or site, our experienced staff can help with the heavy lifting – whether it’s removing just one machine, an entire factory’s worth or getting rid of a load of old metal.

    J Davidson will remove any unwanted machinery or metal from your site or factory. We’ll come out free of charge – and even pay you for whatever we take away!

    To help with our machinery removals service, we recently welcomed our new Scania R440 into the J Davidson family of trucks. Our new addition has seen us step it up a gear where heavy-lifting is concerned, as the R440 has been fitted with a top spec FASSI F485A crane.

    When extended to its full length – that’s 14.6 metres – this bad boy can lift a hefty 2.6 tonnes. When it’s not extended, it’s capable of an even more impressive 12 tonnes, making it ideal for those jobs that require a little more oomph.


    Our Scania R440 at a glance:

    • State-of-the-art FASSI F485A crane
    • Extended reach of 14.6 metres
    • Lifts up to 12 tonnes (2.6 when fully extended)
    • Rear air suspension
    • 8’4” heavy duty, low profile plant body
    • Double kink beavertail hydraulic cheese wedge ramps
    • Remote control hydraulic winch

    The Scania and its crane are a sight to behold – and ideal for all types of machinery removals, including heavy equipment, materials and machine transport. Wherever you need your kit to go, we’ve got you covered. For every job, we provide a bespoke clearance and logistics service, including the collection, transport and delivery of all heavy haulage, and all at the best possible price.

    For cost-effective, efficient machinery removals, or help with factory clearance contact J Davidson on 0161 928 9981

    Our experts will work safely and efficiently, providing a solution for any industrial and commercial clearance or relocation requirements. We cover:

    • FREE machinery removals and recycling
    • Factory clearance including materials
    • Factory decommission, metals and machinery removal
    • Plant transportation and recycling
    • We’ll even pay YOU for whatever we remove!

    Based in Altrincham, we serve Great Manchester, Cheshire and the North West.

    Helping the North West move heavy equipment, machines and materials with our Scania R440.

    If you’re moving premises and need some heavy lifting, or if you’re planning the decommission or demolition of any factory or warehouse units, contact J Davidson today.

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