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J Davidson Scrap are committed to paying you the best price in the Manchester area for your scrap metal

We provide a scrap metal recycling service to industrial, commercial and household customers throughout the North West of England. Whatever type of scrap metal you have we will pay you top prices to take it away and recycle it.


Environmental Benefits

At our site in Altrincham, Cheshire, we recycle in excess of 40,000 tonnes of metal each year which has a great environmental benefit.

The recycling of metals helps protects the environment and saves energy. Using secondary raw materials means less use of natural resources which would otherwise be needed to make new metal compounds – such as Iron ore in Steel making; nickel in stainless steel; or Alumina and bauxite in Aluminium smelting. There are also considerable savings in energy as the production methods using recycled metals has the benefit of reduced CO2 emissions.

You can either bring your scrap metal directly to our Altrincham site or contact us and we will arrange to collect your scrap metal from you.


It couldn’t be easier to turn your unwanted scrap metal into cash contact us now
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Ferrous Metal

Scrap metal is divided into two types: Ferrous and Non Ferrous. Ferrous Scrap Metal is scrap iron and steel. This includes scrap from old cars, household appliances, steel beams, railroad tracks, ships, food packaging and other metal containers. You can tell if a metal is Ferrous because it is magnetic.

Non Ferrous metal

Non Ferrous Scrap Metal includes aluminium – including Foil and Cans, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Nickel, Titanium, Cobalt, Chromium, and precious metals. Non Ferrous metal is not magnetic.

Although there is less Non Ferrous scrap than Ferrous scrap, it is often worth more financially. Millions of tonnes of Non Ferrous scrap metal are recovered by processors and consumed by secondary smelter, refiners, ingot makers, fabricators, foundries, and other industries.


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