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Is it time to scrap cars for good?

At J Davidson we help drivers to scrap cars for the best price, while ensuring any harmful fluids are carefully removed before the valuable materials like metal are recycled. (more…)

A golden time to scrap a car in Manchester

The move to electric cars is likely to make the coming years a golden time to scrap a car in Manchester. (more…)

Up in smoke: Why smokers should always get a scrap car quote

If you’re thinking of trading in your car for part-exchange and you’re a smoker, you should make sure you get a scrap car quote to avoid missing out on the full value of your vehicle. (more…)

J Davidson’s new truck is lovely jubbly!

Our fleet of airbrushed trucks have been turning heads for years with their film and videogame inspired paint jobs – but the latest addition to the J Davidson fleet is based on one of the all-time great TV shows instead. (more…)

UK car scrapping falls – are you missing out?

Text: Top prices paid for scrap cars

UK car scrapping statistics show less people are scrapping cars than a decade ago, but are you missing out on the chance to turn a hunk of junk into a pile of cash? (more…)

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