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Our Site in Manchester boasts the latest in Scrap Metal Recycling equipment.

Our 5 year replacement policy ensures we always operate with the latest, technologically advanced equipment.

Once your metal reaches our site it is weighed on our weigh bridge and sorted into ferrous and non-ferrous metal.
Then depending upon the size of the metal to be recycled it will go through the following process


One of our 2 Terex Fuchs 350 Scrap Handlers will transfer the metal to our new 1,000 tonne Lefort shear to firstly reduce the size of large pieces of Scrap Metal by cutting it down in size. For extremly large pieces of Scrap Metal our new O & K machine fitted with a hydraulic shear attachment can cut the metal into manageable sizes reducing feedstock to fist-sized lumps; On site we also have the facility to separate metals from other materials using magnets and air classification methods. Our Lefort shear can process a car in less than ten seconds.

Once reduced in size the metal is then bailed in our compactor to improve ease of handling and transportation. Once bailed the metal is then transferred to one of our Roll on Roll off skip wagons for transportation.

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