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UK nears targets on scrap recycling

The latest figures from Eurostat show the UK is ahead of its target for scrap car recycling and reuse, and within one percentage point of the EU target for recovery and reuse of materials from scrap cars.

Is your car beyond a spring clean?

Has your car revealed some nasty surprises this spring? The changing seasons can put stress on a car at the best of times, but for one on its last legs (or its last wheels…) the transition from winter to spring can often deal the killer blow.

Why choose J Davidson to scrap your car in Manchester?

At J Davidson Scrap Metal Processors we work hard to be the best place to scrap a car in Manchester, with a proper scrap car service that gives you all of the paperwork you need to prove you have disposed of the vehicle legally and absolve yourself of any future responsibility for its whereabouts.

What the new fuels mean for your car

One of the big worries for many motorists at the moment is the so-called ‘new diesel tax’ effective from April 1st 2018, which raises the vehicle excise duty on new diesel cars in their first year of registration, based on how polluting they are.

Is your car struggling through its last winter?

Nearly every driver has had at least one winter morning where they’ve asked themselves, “Is it time to scrap my car?”

3 signs that you need to scrap your car

If your car’s seen better days or seems to constantly need repair work, time and money spent on it, it’s time to think about whether to scrap your car and make what money you can from it.

The J. Davidson ‘Scrap Car Process’

When it comes to scrapping a car, most people assume that once they’ve taken it to the scrap yard and collected their money, it’s simply a matter of the car being crushed into a metal cube and shipped off to be melted. In fact, the process involves a much longer process and J. Davidson go […]

Clearing The Scrap Cars from Manchester’s Streets

The scrap cars Manchester motorists leave to rot on the streets are more than just an eyesore – they can be a criminal offence, too.

How much is scrap metal worth?

Scrap metal recycling is about more than just helping the environment; depending on the current scrap metal prices, it can be an important additional revenue stream for some companies with large amounts of scrap to get rid of. And of course, in the process, it also demonstrates an environmental commitment and an ethical approach to […]

A Greater Manchester Success Story

Scrap Metal Manchester Scrap Metal Recycling in the UK is a £5.6 billion industry and employs over 8000 people. The pure size of the industry makes a net contribution to the UK balance of trade. It is a hugely important cog in the UK’s economic machine and we are proud to be at the forefront […]

J Davidson Scrap Car – Manchester

Scrap Car – Manchester At J Davidsons we have been a pioneer in and at the forefront of the vehicle recycling industry for many years now (even before it became “fashionable” to scrap your car). As a result we were one of the first fully licensed treatment facilities for the safe disposal of end of […]

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