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J Davidson’s new truck is lovely jubbly!

Our fleet of airbrushed trucks have been turning heads for years with their film and videogame inspired paint jobs – but the latest addition to the J Davidson fleet is based on one of the all-time great TV shows instead.

Choose The Right Tyres and Make Big Savings

While our fleet of Volvo trucks is out and about collecting all the scrap metal Manchester customers can throw at us, there’s one thing – among many other factors, of course – that helps us to do our bit for the environment.

The importance of a reliable truck

Anyone who has a business that relies on their trucks to deliver their services knows just how important it is to have a reliable truck. They need to be dependable come rain, wind or shine as if the unthinkable happens, and they break down, it means unacceptable interruptions to business. Letting customers down due to […]

Volvo And Scania Trucks

When you’re out on the roads, there are two truck marques you’re likely to see more than any other – Volvo and Scania. These industry leaders have gone from being manufacturers of vehicles purely for business uses, to being brands that are familiar to road users everywhere. But how do you go from HGVs to […]

Making Your Truck A Home

We love trucking – it’s a lifestyle choice that attracts many men, and its fair share of women too, and a life on the road can be a wonderful thing for anyone who loves driving and travelling. But just because you spend a night in your cab from time to time during long journeys, it […]

J Davidson’s Top 5 Airbrushed Trucks

The J Davidson fleet is well known across the region – and if you’ve seen any of our trucks, it’s not hard to see why. We choose our designs very carefully, and we put a lot of time and effort (and a fair amount of our hard-earned cash) into making them look the best we […]

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