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5 Tips to Finding the Right Scrap Metal Processor

Scrap Metal Processing

Whether you have a large amount of scrap metal to trade in on a regular basis, or a one-off load you need to get rid of, choosing the right scrap metal processor is important.

Here are five things to think about when finding the right scrap metal processor in your area, depending on your needs.

1. Loads of Loads

First up, how much scrap metal are you going to need to get rid of? Make sure you choose a scrap metal processor who can handle as much as you need.

That’s not purely about their raw capacity – it might also be important to choose a scrap metal processor with opening hours that suit you, and the right kind of access to their site for your vehicle.

2. Business or Pleasure?

Depending on whether you are a domestic customer or a business, you might have different priorities.

A domestic customer probably just wants the best price for their scrap metal, with convenient collection from their home; in contrast, businesses can have corporate social responsibility pledges in place that they need to adhere to.

Ethical scrap metal processors will recycle materials in the most eco-friendly way, or simply directly resell them to be used again without any energy-intensive processing.

3. Collection or Delivery?

Where is the processing plant? Check the address on a map, and make sure you know how to get your metal there.

If you still have any doubts, it may be possible to arrange to have your metal picked up from your property or premises, so you don’t have to worry about borrowing or hiring a truck to transport it.

4. Prioritising Price

Unlike most services, scrap metal collection is one process that should end with money in your hand, not the other way around.

This makes price a decisive factor when choosing the right scrap metal processor, so don’t be afraid to check the price paid per tonne by those in your area.

Just remember, it might not be the only thing that matters, as you could incur extra fees if you choose a metal processor who cannot collect from your property – so price and profit are not always the same thing.

5. Specialist Services

Scrap metal processing is not just about dropping off masses of metal at a recycling plant, or having it collected from your property.

You might have a specific item to be collected – such as a car, for instance – and you might also need to hire a skip, so you have somewhere to place your metal while awaiting collection.

Choose a scrap metal processor who offers all of the specific services you need, and you can make things much easier for yourself further down the line.

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