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Clearing The Scrap Cars from Manchester’s Streets

Scrap Car Manchester

The scrap cars Manchester motorists leave to rot on the streets are more than just an eyesore – they can be a criminal offence, too.

Manchester City Council have an entire section of their website devoted to environmental problems, and to abandoned vehicles in particular, with the option to report a neighbour or any city resident for simply abandoning a car on the street.

This can be done directly to the council via their website, or even by calling the non-emergency police number on 101, which highlights the severity of abandoning a vehicle in this way.

But Manchester motorists could be missing a trick, because where there’s metal, there’s brass – at least where scrap cars are concerned.

At J Davidson Scrap, we offer a free collection service to take your vehicle away, and that might already sound like a good way to get rid of the scrap cars Manchester drivers might otherwise abandon.

However, depending on a few fine details like the make, model, year and condition of your car, you could be in line for a payout based on its scrap metal.

There’s lots of information about what we do to your vehicle after we collect it – and even a video to give you more insight into the end-to-end process we offer.

Remember, your car does not have to be at your own home in order for us to collect it – we can pick up vehicles from the roadside too, anywhere in the North West region.

So if your once pride and joy is now a rusting heap of junk that hasn’t moved in months, make sure you act to have it safely and legally collected, before you find yourself on the receiving end of an abandoned vehicle report from a nearby resident.


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