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The Beautiful New Volvo FH Series’ Top Features

Volvo FH

Truck aficionados like ours should be pretty excited about the new Volvo FH, which the manufacturers say makes driving more comfortable and safer, as well as being more useful for the full range of possible assignments.

All of that is very nice, but the fact is, the new Volvo FH is gorgeous, it makes you want to just climb up into the cabin and take it for a spin.

Here’s a handful of the top features you can expect when you get behind the wheel.

1. Space

“It’s bigger on the inside…” The distinctive angled front window has been ‘uprighted’ to create more space, with larger windows in general to let in more light.

2. Carlike

The manufacturers promise that when you drive the new Volvo FH, you’ll feel like you’re behind the wheel of a normal car.

3. I-See

I-See refers to a cloud-based database of road gradient data to use hills as efficiently as possible, accelerating at just the right time under gravity to save up to 5% on fuel consumption.

4. Ergonomics

It’s not just a cab; it’s a workplace, and while some buttons are fixed – the window controls are near the window, and so on – others can be moved so your most-used features are within arm’s reach.

5. Storage

Configurable cupboards with removable shelves, and even a space specifically for drying wet clothes on a rainy day, make it easier to take what you need with you.

6. Home from home

The new Volvo FH has been based on business hotel rooms, for maximum executive comfort, while food and drink are within easy reach from the driving position to reduce the need for breaks.

7. Safety

Of course the new Volvo FH has been crash tested, but it also includes simple extras like an escape hatch in the sunroof, making it easy to get out in an emergency.

8. Help!

Push the VAS button when you need help, and you’re put through to a hotline for advice – in a language you actually speak.

9. Remote control

OK no remote control for driving the truck as yet, but many of the loading features – the tailgate height and the loading lift – can be controlled remotely to save having to board and unboard the FH.

10. Smart

Smart technologies allow the condition of the truck to be monitored, so maintenance work can be planned in advance while it is still on the road, and carried out when it gets back to base.

If you’re interested in our fleet you can visit our gallery.

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Image taken from Volvo Trucks

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