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Time to scrap your car and take a European road trip in style?

The traffic lights are slowly changing from red, to amber, to green, for British motorists who want to head over to the continent for a European road trip this summer.
With the constantly changing ‘traffic lights’ travel list, booking a holiday well in advance is risky, but a road trip needs much less planning ahead.
Just be ready to jump in your car and head for the nearest ferry or Eurotunnel, and you can be over to the continent in a matter of hours.
And if the country you are in is moved to the amber or red list, there’s usually enough notice for you to drive across the border and into a neighbouring country on the green list.
But all of this depends on having a reliable, comfy car for those long drives, and to avoid the risk of a breakdown while trying to beat the deadline to leave a country before it gains quarantine status.

Why scrap cars this summer?

The UK’s national lockdowns have been some of the strictest and longest in the world, and many of us were told not to leave our local areas – meaning many British cars have not driven more than a few miles over the past year and a half.

In Canada, people were told to go for drives during lockdown, to circulate the hydraulic fluids and engine oils, and to avoid flat spots developing on tyres from sitting in one position for months on end.

Britain had no such recommendation, and many older cars will have suffered from not running regularly since early 2020.

You only have to look at your local housing market to see how many people are ‘trading up’ by moving to a bigger property, after a year spent in a cramped or uncomfortable house or flat.

If you don’t want to relocate your entire home, why not scrap cars that have been stationary all year, and get yourself a bigger, comfier set of wheels instead?

Get the best price for Manchester scrap cars

At J Davidson Scrap we’re proud to pay some of the best prices in the north-west and can give you a quick quote for Manchester scrap cars on request.

Fill in our easy online form to tell us the details of your vehicle, including make and model, year of registration, engine size, fuel type and condition, plus any extras like alloy wheels.

We also ask for contact details – name, telephone number, postcode and email address – just so that we can get in touch with your quote and to collect scrap cars from your home, if required.

All of us have been stuck at home for long enough now. With the traffic light travel lists and the rapid rollout of the vaccination schemes, it’s time for that to change.

You deserve to holiday in comfort – so don’t risk it in a set of wheels that’s suffered from over a year of lockdown, when you can scrap cars in Manchester, trade up, and take a European road trip in style this summer.

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