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We’re Getting Ready for Truckfest 2016!

TRUCKFEST 2016 HERE WE COME!   It’s that time of year again – the wax and polish are out, in preparation for our annual pilgrimage to Peterborough on the 1st May… Where we’ll be taking on Truckfest 2016! My, how time flies when you’re scrapping Manchester’s metal. It barely seems like 5 minutes ago that […]

Barnard Castle Truck Event

Jdavidson at Barnard Castle We thoroughly enjoyed the Barnard Castle truck event last Saturday and it was made even better with the amazing results we received for our trucks and coming in at first place in five different categories!   James Bond Truck 1st Place: Artic Tipper, 0-3 Years 1st Place: Lights at night 2nd […]

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