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What are different recycled scrap metals used for?

Recycled scrap metal has almost limitless uses and applications, and in most cases can be substituted directly in place of virgin metals to cut down on resource depletion and energy consumption. Different types of recycled metal have different uses, and again these are broadly in line with what the original metal would have been used […]

How scrap metal is sorted and graded

Sorting scrap metal is an important part of the metal recycling process. Accurate scrap metal grading increases recovery rates and improves the purity of recycled metals, but how is this achieved on a massive scale? There are two main stages in the process: Magnetic separation of ferrous metals (e.g. iron and steel) Eddy current separation […]

What is the Most Valuable Scrap Metal?

Ever-fluctuating, the value of scrap metal is primarily determined by supply and demand. Not only that, but prices can often vary depending on the quantity and quality of scrap metal being sold. Scrap metal is divided into two types: ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous metals are magnetic and can often be found in old cars, steel […]

The Move to Electric Vehicles

Once upon a time, electric vehicles (EVs) were little more than a novelty, restricted to a maximum range of about 40 miles and good only for short hops and daily commutes. Those days are gone. Hybrid engines are gradually fading from fashion too, as pure electric vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions increasingly offer the kind […]

J Davidson Sponsor Altrincham FC Women’s Team

We are really excited to announce we will be sponsoring Altrincham FC Women for the forthcoming 2021/2022 football season. This is a great opportunity to support women’s football and a fantastic part of our local community. As part of our partnership with Altrincham FC we will offer brand new kits for the women’s first team. […]

Good News for Scrap Metal – Thanks to Steel and Zinc!

Scrap Metal Prices in 2016 Due to a surplus of steel in China, combined with the floundering Chinese economy, scrap metal prices might have been low, but thankfully, forecasts for the future are optimistic. Experts quite rightly state that scrap metal prices and steel affect every aspect of our lives. Scrap metal from old buildings […]


J Davidson Scrap Metal Processors is proud to announce the brand new voice behind our latest radio ads – the North West’s very own Ricky Tomlinson! Hailing from nearby Liverpool, Ricky is an award-winning actor and funnyman. You’ll probably recognise him from some of his well-known roles including Jim Royle in The Royle Family, DCI Charlie […]

Sell Gold with J Davidson

Do you have any items of gold lying round the house you want to get rid of? Broken jewellery you were going to throw away? Great news – J Davidson will now pay you cash for it, sell gold with Jdavidson today!! We have the ability to accurately grade different types of gold allowing us […]

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