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The Benefits of Van Recycling: Reducing Waste and Minimising Environmental Impact

Scrap vans have many of the same benefits for the environment that scrap cars offer, in terms of reusing valuable materials via van recycling, and preventing harmful substances from entering the ecosystem. But because of their size and the purposes they are used for, scrapping vans can have a significantly bigger impact in terms of […]

The Journey of a Scrap Car: From Road to Recycling

Recycling cars is a journey in itself, as your vehicle goes on its final ride to J Davidson Scrap’s Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) in Altrincham. But what actually happens to a scrap car once it’s handed over to us? Let’s follow the final journey of scrap cars from roadside to recycling… Before scrapping a car […]

Should you sell or scrap your car?

When it’s time to upgrade your motor to a newer model, there’s one question every driver faces: should you sell or scrap your car? There’s no absolute answer here. Both options have their benefits, and if your car is still in good condition, you might want to part-exchange it for a discount on your new […]

Best scrap prices help you have a happy new car

Scrapping a car could be the perfect start to your New Year, giving you money you can put towards a new vehicle for 2023 and beyond. At J Davidson Scrap we aim to offer the best scrap car prices in the north-west, and you can get a quick estimate of how much your scrap car […]

Environmental Impacts of Car Scrapping

Your local scrap yard might not look much like a nature reserve, but car scrapping can have some big benefits for the environment – so how are all those scrap cars helping to protect the planet? It’s all about something the natural world has been doing for centuries: evolution. Year by year, cars evolve, getting […]

How scrap metal is sorted and graded

Sorting scrap metal is an important part of the metal recycling process. Accurate scrap metal grading increases recovery rates and improves the purity of recycled metals, but how is this achieved on a massive scale? There are two main stages in the process: Magnetic separation of ferrous metals (e.g. iron and steel) Eddy current separation […]

What is the Most Valuable Scrap Metal?

Ever-fluctuating, the value of scrap metal is primarily determined by supply and demand. Not only that, but prices can often vary depending on the quantity and quality of scrap metal being sold. Scrap metal is divided into two types: ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous metals are magnetic and can often be found in old cars, steel […]

Tell Tale Signs That Your Car is at the End of its Life

All cars develop some ‘idiosyncrasies’ over time, which are usually a sign that part of the vehicle is wearing out. From rattling interior panels to strange smells wafting in through the vents, there are lots of ways to tell that the clock is ticking for your former pride and joy. These are some of the […]

Expected Car Trends for 2022

As we near the halfway point in 2022, what trends are emerging in the car market, and how are our driving habits changing compared with previous years? Each passing year as more people choose to scrap an old car and upgrade to a newer model, the mix of vehicles on the roads gets newer overall […]

The Move to Electric Vehicles

Once upon a time, electric vehicles (EVs) were little more than a novelty, restricted to a maximum range of about 40 miles and good only for short hops and daily commutes. Those days are gone. Hybrid engines are gradually fading from fashion too, as pure electric vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions increasingly offer the kind […]

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