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Environmental Impacts of Car Scrapping

Your local scrap yard might not look much like a nature reserve, but car scrapping can have some big benefits for the environment – so how are all those scrap cars helping to protect the planet?

It’s all about something the natural world has been doing for centuries: evolution. Year by year, cars evolve, getting gradually greener with each new generation of vehicles.

For internal combustion engines, catalytic converters were the gamechanger. Then there was LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), although that never really caught on.

Now as we move towards all-electric vehicles and a ban on manufacturing internal combustion engines in 2030, we’re likely to see even more scrap cars in the coming decade.

Why is car scrapping good?

Scrapping cars takes older, more polluting vehicles off the road. Even if you upgrade to a newer petrol car, it’s likely to give more miles to the gallon with fewer emissions.

That’s good news for your pocket, as you’ll spend less on petrol. You might even avoid paying the fee in some low-emission zones or get a reduction on your road tax, if your new car has very low emissions.

But it’s also good for the environment as a whole. Less pollution from car exhausts means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, but even more directly than that, it helps to avoid harming the air quality in your own town or city.

What about the scrap cars?

Don’t worry – we don’t just bury them somewhere. Car scrapping is now an almost surgical process as we carefully dismantle the vehicle and recycle its component parts separately:

  • Remove batteries, tyres and fluids
  • Separate recyclable materials
  • Process recyclable metals

J Davidson Scrap were one of the first Authorised Treatment Facilities in the North West, giving us unmatched experience and expertise to make sure we recover every reusable part from scrap cars.

Again, this is good news for the economy as well as the environment. We can sell the valuable recyclable metal parts – and pass on that value to you with some of the best prices for scrap cars in Manchester.

Can anyone scrap cars?

No. Scrap metal dealers need to be licensed to scrap cars. As a licensed ATF, we have bought special equipment to dismantle and de-pollute scrap cars in line with the 2003 regulations.

We can liaise with the DVLA to confirm that your vehicle has been scrapped – so you don’t have to keep paying its road tax – and to issue you a DVLA Certificate of Destruction.

All of this makes it faster and easier to scrap your old polluting car with J Davidson Scrap, and puts more into your budget to buy the most eco-friendly vehicle possible, whether that’s a low-emission petrol car or a zero-carbon EV.

Get in touch

If you have an old car to scrap, contact J Davidson Scrap today and we’ll be happy to give you a quote for how much we can pay you for it.

You’ll need your log book, and let us know if any parts are missing from the vehicle. We can collect non-runners if the engine won’t start. Just remember to transfer any personalised plates off the vehicle, as you’ll lose them if they’re still registered to your car when it’s scrapped.

Fill in our online form for a quick quote or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help get your car scrapped, and get you in a clean, green, mean machine ready for the summer!

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