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J Davidson, Cheshire’s no.1 scrap metal processor, are set to launch a campaign to bring recycling to local schools.

With the help of SCRAP-E the Can-droid, they are asking pupils in Cheshire to recycle their old drinks cans and transform them into new equipment for their school. All of the cans collected by each school can be cashed-in towards all sorts of new equipment, from software to sports kits.

The scheme, which will be launched in January, not only looks to teach the children the importance of recycling for the environment, but also helps them understand the recycling process.

Jamie Davidson, Managing Director, said: “This is a great opportunity to get kids involved in recycling and introduce them to it at an early stage. And it lets us give something back to our local schools and help them out with some much-needed equipment.

“Cans are the perfect material to recycle. Recycling aluminium drinks cans save up to 95% of the energy used to make the material from scratch, and aluminium products can be back on the shelf within six months. So it really shows the children the whole recycling journey.”

If you would like to sign-up your school to SCRAP-E the Can-droid’s School Challenge, call J Davidson on 0161 928 9981 to receive your start-up pack.

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