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J Davidson Give Two Fuchs About Their Replacement Policy

Fuchs Scrap Handler

Despite the price of metal hitting rock bottom recently, whereas our competitors may be tightening their purse strings, J Davidson is staying committed to our 5 year replacement policy, updating our machinery to ensure we can continue to give the absolute best quality service to our customers.

This month we have had two brand new Terex Fuchs scrap handlers. These iconic machines are incredibly important to our operation as they are used to lift and transport huge amounts of scrap metal from the weighbridge to our Lefort Shear to be processed. This is heavy duty work, which is why it is important that these machines are replaced at least once every five years.

Our new Ford Transit recovery vehicle also hit the road this month, with another one due to be delivered in the coming weeks, further improving the high quality service we strive to give our customers at all times.

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