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Where In The World Is Our Truck?

Where In The World Is Our Truck?
It’s almost that time of year again and J.Davidson are ready to give back this Christmas!
Over the coming weeks there will be a series of images of our trucks from the new J.Davidson 2015 calendar posted to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages in a different part of the world – your job is to guess where it is!
But it’s not that simple.. the background of the image will be blurred and those who correctly answer where in the world the truck is will win a prize!
Nobody’s a loser in this competition and that’s why we’re giving a prize to everyone who enters. A further 20 lucky people who correctly guess the location of the truck will win the new J.Davidson 2015 Calendar!
We’ve put together a list of handy hints and tips to help you along:
Picture 1. Situated in the ‘city of love’
Picture 2. A monumental building in India
Picture 3. Closer to home
Picture 4. This is a toughie.. You might need your MUMMY
Picture 5. We BET you won’t get this one
Picture 6. This truck is from out of space!
Good luck, everyone!
If you’d like to purchase anything from our range of merchandise, you can do so here.
We wish all our customers a very Scrappy Christmas and we look forward to sending you gifts!

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