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Making Your Truck A Home

We love trucking – it’s a lifestyle choice that attracts many men, and its fair share of women too, and a life on the road can be a wonderful thing for anyone who loves driving and travelling.

But just because you spend a night in your cab from time to time during long journeys, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo life’s little comforts.

cab interior

In fact, there are plenty of gadgets that can make the interior of a truck feel like a bedroom, kitchen or lounge, all from a 12V power source with no 240V mains supply required.

One of the simplest appliances truckers need is an alarm clock, and a 12V clock radio provides entertainment, timekeeping and a wake-up call for the morning.

Like other modern-day clock radios, you can get these gadgets for use in trucks but with an iPod or iPhone dock, and that means you can listen to your own music when you want to, as well as using it as a charging station to keep your phone’s battery topped up.

While you’re kicking back and listening to some tunes, you might reasonably want a chilled drink or a snack – and that’s no problem, with mini-fridges that run on a low voltage too.


Unlike a normal modern refrigerator – where you often specify the target temperature you want to reach – these portable fridges are more likely to simply deliver a reduction in temperature compared to the surroundings.

That can mean a slightly warmer fridge interior in the summer months, but they can work well all year round, and in a hot truck cab, any option to chill some water or a soft drink can be more than welcome.

Of course, it’s not summer all year round, so what about the colder winter months? Well, there’s plenty of options here too to help heat your cab, including electric blankets to keep you warm as you go to sleep.

Heated seat cushions can do the same thing for while you’re in the driving position – and it’s not just the driver who can be kept warm.

There’s a whole host of different kitchen-like appliances that can run from battery power, so you can have a meal slow-cooking alongside you, or a hot drink brewing.

terminator interior

Lighting for the darker nights, cleaning appliances for the house-proud, telephones and televisions – if you have it in your home, there’s likely to be an equivalent available for your truck.

It’s not a case of ‘my home is your home’ – it’s more a case of ‘mi cab es mi casa’.

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