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J Davidson’s factory clearance makes premises bigger on the inside

J Davidson's factory clearance makes premises bigger on the inside

J Davidson’s fleet is famous for its movie and TV tie-ins and with our keen interest in characters who travel through time and space, we’ve been watching the current series of Doctor Who closely.

Already we’ve seen an alien enemy, the Stenza, arrive on Earth Terminator-style in week one’s The Woman Who Fell to Earth, while the new sonic screwdriver was forged on-screen by The Doctor herself from recycled scrap metal in a wonderfully industrial musical montage.

But episode four really hammered home the importance of disposing of waste materials in an environmentally conscious way, as – spoilers ahead – the Halloween weekend adventure saw a dodgy underground landfill site turn toxic and mutate Sheffield’s spider population.

The episode, titled Arachnids in the UK, was an interesting one as it showed the enemy within, as the problem was caused by over-zealous business practices and entirely manmade, rather than alien or supernatural. It also showed how important it is to keep a close eye on issues like industrial waste disposal when you’re in senior management.

Get J Davidson’s help with waste clearance

If you have industrial premises that need clearing, J Davidson’s can help them to feel bigger on the inside by getting rid of large, heavy machinery and built-in equipment – so you don’t need to dismantle it yourself or leave it behind and lose out on its scrap metal value.

We specialise in removing quantities of metal, whether it’s in the form of complete machinery, heavy equipment and industrial plant, or masses of loose recyclable metal that you need taking away as part of refurbishment or relocation efforts.

If you think you might need our help, please get in touch. We’re always happy to advise on whether we can clear out the materials you’re dealing with, and how best to proceed on premises where there may be mixed materials or hazardous areas to take into account.

Save time with industrial scrap metal skip hire

An alternative to our factory clearance service is to use our industrial scrap metal skip hire service instead, where we leave a skip on-site with you and you fill it with your waste recyclable metal yourself.

It’s a great option if you typically work with smaller offcuts of recyclable metal waste, but don’t want to miss out on its scrap metal value, or if you’re going to need slightly longer to fill the skip rather than wanting us to come in and clear your premises as quickly as possible.

Both options mean your scrap metal will be removed and processed ethically – so you can rest easy that it’s not able to contaminate the environment – while also giving you the benefit of being paid the scrap metal value for everything we collect from you.

No more horror stories – at Halloween or any other time – just money in your pocket and valuable metal back in good use faster than you can say “let’s get a shift on”, and all thanks to the friendly team at J Davidson Scrap.

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