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J Davidsons FAQ

J Davidson FAQ

We know there are some questions that crop up again and again, so we’ve put together this Frequently Asked Questions page to cover some of the common queries.

1. What metals do you recycle?

The simple answer is that we will recycle anything – or at least consider doing so, unless there is a very good reason why we can’t. All types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals are considered.

2. What prices do you pay for scrap metal?

We work hard to keep our prices for scrap metal among the best in the region – and that means they are subject to change to stay ahead of our competitors, so ask us for a quote for our updated prices.

3. Do I need ID to scrap metal?

Under new legislation, we are not able to pay you in cash for scrap metal. Because of this, we need identification so that we can send your payment to the right account.

4. What do I need to scrap my car?

When we collect your car, or when you bring it to our premises, we will ask you for your log book and keys – this lets us scrap your car in accordance with the regulations.

5. If my car doesn’t work can it still be collected?

Yes. If you can’t bring your car to us, just let us know and we can arrange to collect it from your premises instead.

6. Should I notify the DVLA?

We are authorised by the DVLA to scrap cars – unlike some other scrap metal dealers – and that means we can do most of the admin work for you.

If you are able to hand over the log book, we can notify the DVLA of your car’s destruction on your behalf, and issue you with an official Certificate of Destruction so that you no longer have to pay for things like the road fund licence.

7. Which is your favourite truck?

Our fleet is famous across the region, and you may have spotted some of our airbrushed trucks appearing on social networks when they are spotted out and about.

Asking us to choose a favourite is like asking a parent to choose between their children – but a few of our designs have proved particularly popular with our customers and fans.

We especially love our Die Hard, Terminator and James Bond designs, which are airbrushed with scenes from some of the greatest action movies ever made.

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