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Merry Christmas from J Davidson

Merry Christmas from J Davidson

You might not know that 2017 marked an important anniversary for J Davidson, as it’s five years since we moved to our purpose-built premises on Craven Road in Altrincham.

Before that, we had been on our old site for 40 years, but the scrap yard was getting congested, the arches were no longer suitable for our storage needs, and we felt we deserved better offices than portacabins!

Craven Road has been an excellent new home for us over the past five years, with comfortable offices and modern technology – and with our five-year replacement policy on the hardware we use, pretty much everything you’ll see there now has been bought since we moved in.

With another Christmas and New Year nearly upon us, we’d just like to take this chance to thank everyone who has helped us to settle in and really feel at home on Craven Road – we look forward to seeing even more of you all in 2018.

Season’s Greetings

Before we get into the new year though, there’s still plenty of scrapping to do! It’s the season when old motors finally give up the ghost, so if you’re sick of queueing at your local garage to get your battery charged or replaced, why not scrap the whole thing and get something newer?

We can collect non-runners and take them away for you, as well as providing you with all the paperwork you need to prove your old car has been scrapped and is no longer your problem.

Many of us have worked long and hard this year, so reward yourself for that hard work with a new set of wheels and rid yourself of dodgy electrics and non-functioning heaters in preparation for a wintry start to 2018!

Looking Ahead to 2018

As we move into the new year, we’re ready to hit the ground running, so look out for our iconic fleet on the roads around Altrincham, Greater Manchester and even further afield.

Bonus points if you see our Die Hard truck over Christmas, as everybody knows it’s the best Christmas movie of all time!

And if you’re still looking for ways to celebrate Christmas, why not head down to the J Davidson Stadium and lend your support to Altrincham FC?

The club currently have half-season tickets available that start from Christmas Day, making them an excellent present, and there’ll be mince pies and mulled wine available at festive fixtures too.

Like many of the other leagues, the EVO-STIK Premier Division has been hit by weather in the run-up to Christmas, but that doesn’t change the fact that Alty are on top as of mid-December!

A half-season ticket would be the ideal way to hopefully see them complete a promotion-winning run in 2018 at the J Davidson Stadium – and a surefire way to give yourself or a loved one a very happy new year!

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