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Protect Yourself Against Scrap Metal Theft


Scrap metal theft is more than just an inconvenience – recyclable metals are now a valuable income stream for many businesses, and the cost and time taken to re-secure your premises after an intrusion can be hugely disruptive too.

But how do you protect yourself against the time, cost and general disruption of suffering a scrap metal theft?

The answers are similar to protecting against any other kind of theft or trespass – and a general focus on premises security is always a good place to start.

1. On the Edge

The first place to start is always at the edge of your premises – where possible, a perimeter fence can prevent unwelcome access and night-time trespass.

If you cannot totally secure your perimeter, consider CCTV to monitor any intruders; and add spiky shrubbery to make it even harder to climb over any fences or gates you have.

2. Views and Clues

Store your scrap metal where it cannot be seen from your perimeter fence, or where visitors to your premises cannot easily notice if you have a lot of valuable scrap awaiting collection.

Metal in itself is not a fire hazard in the same way that paper or chemicals can be, so be aware of any flammable materials attached to it, but in principle it should not be inherently risky to store clean metal scrap in bulk or even indoors.

3. More Pickups, Less Stickups

The simple truth is, you cannot be robbed of your scrap metal if it has already been collected; so if your metal heap is growing, schedule a collection.

Regular collections ensure you never have an excessive quantity of metal on site – this makes storage safer, and means that if you do suffer a theft, the quantities involved will be smaller too.

4. Knowledge is Power

When you know the value of your scrap metal, you can invest the right time, effort and money into protecting it against theft.

Again, regular collections can help you to keep on top of any changing prices, and should also help your scrap metal to represent a steady and continual income stream, rather than a one-off windfall.

5. Helping Hands

Finally, enlist the help of a trustworthy scrap metal collections specialist, and you ease the burden on yourself.

With a reputable company handling your collections, you can feel more confident that your collection date will not be missed, and that all your scrap will be taken away – leaving nothing behind for any would-be thieves to get their hands on.

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