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Truckfest 2013

James Bond Trucks

Once again we made an appearance at the annual Truckfest 2013, which was held in Peterborough on the 5th and 6th May. Around 100,000 people flocked to the showground for a scorching couple of days, with temperatures reaching 21 degrees.

More than 1500 trucks were on display over the weekend, many of which were competing for different Truckfest awards. We took 8 of our trucks down along with some of the guys that work for
J Davidson, Iron Man was driven by Dave, Terminator was driven by Chris, and James Bond was driven by Wayne. Aaron took the Burnout truck, then Luke, Lee, Ash and Ryan took a selection of Volvo and Mercedes trucks down!

As always, our trucks looked fantastic and all received Highly Commended Certificates, along with being put forward for two awards – “Best Custom and Paint Work” and “Best Working Truck”. They really stood out, even with all the competition down there.

Luke commented “We had a brilliant weekend, our vehicles generated lots of interest and we saw some really impressive trucks”.

The monster truck appropriately named Bigfoot put in its superb annual car-crushing appearance, alongside trucks of all shapes, sizes and colours from across the globe.



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